Our Approach

Our approach is to bring the community together such that we can all contribute in developing and hosting exciting STEM events for our kids. We would like to engage parents, professionals, educators, and corporations to work together!

Our Story

Five engineers in Seattle WA, working for Boeing and Amazon, got together to form the STEM Thinkers organization in early 2017. Our vision is to get young kids excited about science such that they will eventually pursue careers in the STEM fields.  We offer a distinct advantage for our kids because we are technical professionals who have first hand knowledge about STEM!

Another goal we have is to connect our STEM classes to sustainability and noble causes such as global warming, clean water, renewal energy, poverty, sanitation, etc.  This is to showcase to kids that they can use science to help maintain our wonderful Earth and help out people in need. Hopefully, this will encourage our kids to pursue careers in science!

We will also focus on the demographic that may be under served by science such as socially or economically disadvantaged. We will also motivate females to pursue science careers due to the large gender gap of women in technical fields.

Meet the Team

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